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When you use OPTiM, your server isn’t using the resources of one internet connection; we have over five of them to ensure the best possible route from your ISP to your server. We use some of the biggest names in Saudi Arabian transit connections: We have fiber lines from STC up to 1.4 Gbps with another DSP backup line. The connection of the server may start at 100 Mbps — all of this, with built-in DDOS protection. We use the best of the best: Cisco routing, HP Procurve Switches, Juniper firewalls, and F5 load balancers.

Why Choose Us?

We use quality products; we have all seen our fair share of failed servers and have learned that it pays to buy quality. That is why we chose to use Supermicro servers. Optim proven itselve in the industry as brands known to be flexible and have a high build quality while being on the lower end of power consumption. Optim only uses high-performance servers. We never use the low-quality alternatives to save a few hundred dollars to replace damaged parts.

We love to buy high-grade and offer an excellent service. One part of this, Our dedicated servers contain various Solidfire 2TB Enterprise SSD drives.

When you signup with Optim your hosting service only gets better over time, we continuously invest in our hosting services to offer the tremendous possible hosting experience. Our services are one of the reasons why most of our clients stay loyal and never leave.

If you're looking a hosting firm who’ll provide security to your website and aim to give you the excellent service, then Optim is the ideal hosting choice.

Supermicro Blade Servers with Enterprise SSD Storage
Latest Microsoft Windows Server & SQL Server 2019
Smarter Mail
Smartermail Enterprise Edition with Plesk Onyx!

Perfect for Wordpress

Wordpress is taking over the internet! Every developer wants to build their website on the most dynamic website building CMS in the world! Wordpress is lovely when its done right, one thing many forget to keep it up to date if you don't update your Wordpress, themes, and plugins regularly you will get hacked regardless of who is hosting it!

Optim's Wordpress manager can automate this task for you keeping your Wordpress, themes, and plugins up to date.

Our Linux hosting is ideal for Wordpress, as Wordpress users ourselves we know what makes Wordpress perform at its peak, so we have installed tools on our servers to get the most out of Wordpress.

We’ve also written a blog which will help explain this at “10 reasons why to host Wordpress with us.”


More Reasons To Choose Us

Optim operates state-of-the-art data centers that reduce the complexity and cost of Web-based technologies for small businesses and large enterprises. The Datacenter has been designed in accordance with the internationally recognized LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Gold standard certification system.. Founded in 2018, Optim is one of the middle east top Web hosting company with a direct presence in 2 cities in Saudi Arabia with own datacenters and more than 35 employees.

VPS Server
An All-in-one Package
Our web hosting packages include everything you need to run your website correctly, including email hosting, web space, DNS and everything else you need to get your website online.
Excellent Technical Support
Our award-winning 24/7 tech support gurus pride themselves on an average response time of under 15 minutes, and our live chat lets you speak to our tech experts, should something go wrong. We know a downed website can destroy a business, so we will always aim to have your problem or question resolved as soon as possible.
Servers in Saudi Arabia
We’re a Saudi Arabian Company
Unlike other web hosting companies, we do not take your money and put you on a cheap, distant server that slows your website to a crawl. We are based in Saudi Arabia, as are all of our servers, which means you will be getting the quickest possible response times and have access to our 24/7 support gurus, too.
High Performance
We Provide High-performance Networks And Hardware
We continually reinvest in our hardware to bring you the best possible services for the lowest reasonable costs. If we reinvest and upgrade, we’ll provide you with the new services for cheaper and help you switch, too!

Company Details

Company registered address:
7910 ash shawqiyah, Makkah Al Mukarramah, Postal 24351, Saudi Arabia
Company registration number:


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Good hosting service
They are always supportive of chat when we need support. As you know there significant time...
Ferhat Karatas
As always
As always - these gurus are awesome - used them now for nearly three years - and still the same excellent service.
Kirk Lauf
I have beed with
Optim for three years and can thoroughly recommend their services. Very competitive pricing...
Simon Paige
I have 4 packages with
Optim and have done for years. The service has been top drawer from the moment...
Darren Marsden
Excellent Support Service
I have been with optimservers.com for a number of years now and have only had two problems in all...
Andre Jason

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